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ATM/Debit Card Information

ATM/Debit service is one of the most demanded of all services in the financial industry. It allows quick and easy access to our members’ cash assets, and extends this access to 24 hours, seven days a week!

  • No Monthly Fee!
  • Available only to checking account holders
  • To qualify, you can not have had more than two (2) NSF checks in the last 6 months.
  • A replacement card is $25.00

Account Fees

General Fees

Par Value of One Share: $5.00

Membership Fee: $5.00

Inactive Account :
$5.00/month after 6 months and account balance is less than $100.00

Money Order: $1.25/each, maximum $1,000.00

Statement Copy: $6.00/copy

Wire Transfer
(Incoming): $10.00/transfer
(Outgoing): $15.00/transfer

NSF Electronic Payments (ACH – Includes Bill pay)
Covered by 10 A.M. – Clearing Fee: $15.00 per item

NSF ACH: $30.00/item

Initiated Credit Union Transfer: $10.00/transfer

IAT Clearing Fee: $5.00/item

Loan Application:

Short Term Loan Application: $20.00

Research Fee: $10.00/hour

[email protected] Setup Fee: $10.00

Bill Pay: $5.00/month

Virtual Branch-Online Banking: $5.00/month

Closed Account within 6 months of New Account: $25.00

Re-Open Account: $20.00

Letter of Credit: $10.00

Tax Levy Fee: $25.00

Checking Accounts Fees

Check/Share Draft Printing:
Prices may vary depending upon style

NSF: $30.00/item

Return Item: $5.00/item

Stop Payment: $15.00/request

Check-Less Checking: $20.00/month

Regular Checking Account:
$10.00/month if balance is less than $250.00 during the month

Checking Account Clearing: $15.00/check

Check and Substitute Copy: $10.00/check

Transfer Fee to clear NSF Check: $10.00

NSF Fee – Covered by 10 A.M.: $15.00 per item

EFT Fees

Mastercard Debit Card – First Replacement Card: No charge, thereafter lost or stolen $25.00

Credit Card Fees

Late Payment Fee: $20.00
Over Limit Fee: $20.00
Visa Credit Card – First Replacement Card: No charge, thereafter lost or stolen $25.00

Special Account Fees

Regular and Special Savings Account:
Excessive Withdrawal Fee: $5.00/ withdrawal in excess of 12 withdrawals per year and $1.00 additional per day withdrawal fee.

Super Saving Account:
$5.00/withdrawal in excess of 3 per month

Regular Savings – Maintenance Fee:
$5.00/month if balance falls below $250.00

Christmas Club – Early withdrawal Fee:
6.00% if withdrawal made prior to pay out date